Jonathan notes the Black Mage doing a happy little dance, smiles, and says to him, "See? Happiness can be found even in the darkest of places."

"Yes", replied the Black Mage with a devious grin, "especially when I add fire."

As they say, the Shoe Maker's shoes are the last to get fixed. Please excuse the mess... I have a life and things to do which are higher priority than a pretty website at the moment. It will look nice eventually.

Fancy meeting you here

If you've found my site, I expect you heard about me through my activity on BitBucket, on GitHub, in Dabblets, from my work at Phase2 or Fynydd, from Sænar Chronicles (my in-progress novel), from my Drupal work, or are anxiously awating updates about my upcoming card game Cair Aethorn.

If you found me some other way, please shoot me an email at with how you found me!

I am actively seeking a new challenges, so please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or by email if you are interested in discussing full time employment positions.